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Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle packs in 7 incredible arcade classics, including 2 titles that have never been available on home consoles.

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Nintendo Switch™ /
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Grab some friends and relive the glory days of cooperative arcade games!

Final Fight, the 1989 classic that introduced the world to Haggar, Cody and Guy, kicked off a surge of imaginitive beat 'em ups that took arcades by storm throughout the 1990s. Final Fight and six additional games are included in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, each with their own colorful characters, unique gameplay and over-the-top bosses.

But with so many bad guys to face, you're going to need some help! Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle supports local and online multiplayer for all seven titles - so reach out to friends for help or meet new brawling buddies online!

All seven games offer both the English and Japanese versions of the game. Choose whichever you like!

Want even more? A detailed gallery contains archival documents for all seven games, including rarities from decades ago and notes from the developers!



Team up with a friend and take on the bad guys!

Back in the day, two-to-four people would have to crowd around a single machine. With Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, you can still huddle up around the TV, or play online! Fight alongside friends from across the globe and recreate that classic experience from your own home - and other players can join in at any time!

  • You can play and wait for others to join, or invite friends to a lobby and then leap into the action together.

  • You'll also be able to adjust gameplay settings to suit your play style. Want a real challenge? Change the game's diffficulty and the number of remaining lives to make things tough... or make it easy as can be! These difficulty settings are available online and offline.

Co-op on Nintendo Switch can be played on TV, portable, and table modes.
  • Online Co-op
    Online Co-op
  • Local Co-op
    Local Co-op
  • Table Mode
    Table Mode

Play together with people from all over the world, even while on the go!You can play co-op locally, gathered together, just like you're at the arcade!Table mode will let up to 4 people play in split-screen with the Joy-Con™.

  • *Number of players may change depending on the selected game.
  • *"Nintendo Switch Online" (paid service) is requried for online play.



Playable Console
Nintendo Switch / PlayStation®4 / Xbox One / Steam
Release Date

Available now!

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

Playable Console
Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 /
Xbox One / Steam
Side-scrolling action.
Nubmer of Players

1-4(Online Mode 2-8)

*Maximum number of players may change depending on the selected game.

ESRB Rating
TEEN T ESRB Violence Blood and Gore Partial Nudity Use of Alcohol and Tobacco + Users Interact
Release Date

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